LookRevNFT Launch: 1,000,000 LooksCoin Airdrop

The LookRev team is happy to announce we have launched LookRevNFT integration and its native token LooksCoin, making LookRev a decentralized marketplace that supports NFTs.

To celebrate, LookRev is giving away 1,000,000 of LooksCoin via Airdrop to the crypto community.

LookRev is a P2P design-to-sell marketplace where you can hold tokenized ownership of creative product lines, share ongoing profits and contribute to earn credits. LooksCoin is a functional utility token that can be used to purchase products and redeem credits for contributing to the LookRev platform.

Current Batch Starts on June 26, 2021

The previous batch that was started on June 12, 2021 is now closed.We will…

NEW INCOMING LCX Exchange AND 1 Million LCX Tokens Giveaway

What is LCX?

LCX Tokenization Platform

The Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange — A Blockchain Ecosystem For The New Financial World.

LCX [LCX] is a token based on Ethereum blockchain. The most actual price for one LCX [LCX] is $0.010698. LCX is listed on 1 exchanges with a sum of 3 active markets. The 24h volume of [LCX] is $60 835.93, while the LCX market cap is $5 797 730 which ranks it as #455 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about LCX [LCX] on lcx.com

What is Roe V…


Decentralized exchange and community for the development of innovative crypto products. In the vision of a future of Ethereum and Blockchain, we started developments early in Feb 2020.

Roadmap to Developments:

Decentralized Exchange ( launching, Jan 2nd, 2021)

ANDX Defi token for stakeholders ( 81,800 total supply )

Markets (Live price, graphs, and updates of all Defi)

ANO token ( Used for Utility, rewards, Dex fees, and trade )

Smart Buy ( Users can Buy ETH from $1)

P2P exchange.( Convert Crypto to fiat) — In development

Trade analytics for market research reports — Live

4 days ago


MOONDEFI in Ethereum-based Decentralized exchange (DEX) where users can trade ERC2O tokens versus Ethereum entirely on-chain using smart contracts, moving the need for order books as seen in traditional exchanges. It is a special kind of DEX called a token swapper. The main innovation from a protocol like MoonDeFi is to develop a user-friendly platform on which users can easily swap tokens without having to go through a convoluted exchange interface, while also allowing anyone to become a liquidity provider and passively earn transaction fees. It also provides benefits that a DEX does, like decentralization and censorship resistance.

Basically, MoonDeFi…

BOLT+ delivers a first-class user experience across all mobile devices, including low-bandwidth smartphones, currently used by many global users.

it is based on play application. i am use personally presently its great exchange Kucoin on listed and this application streaming cost and speed requirements are significantly lower with the BOLT solution, and services can be bought directly from the mobile phone with no need to have access to a bank account.

in this application BOLT Wallet — BOLT provides a wallet for users to receive, trade, store, and manage their BOLT credits as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zilliqa, which can be used in the BOLT ecosystem. BOLT will eventually have its token supply taken down to 600 million,

Overall a great project that you should keep an eye on as they show off their networking and marketing skills with future partnerships. bolt cion is great future.

Roobee is a blockchain based investment platform, that uses AI and transparent statistics in order to help people make smart investments starting from $10 in the investment products with high threshold, such as real estate, ambitious startups, investment funds, IPO, stocks, crypto projects and others

Roobee which has a large community, more than 300k people, investors and cryptocurrency whales supported a project worth more than $ 5.5 million, the project has MWP, and guys like mmcrypto, icobench, icopantera(A+) gave the highest marks to the project. The project listing in mid-October on Kucoin and is planning to listing in Binance Dex…

X Phone base on block chain . It was introduced in Indonesia ,New York and many other countries . There were some issues also about the phone edges but after that issue a new model was introduced . There are three nods of it. It is also on social media . There are many models of this phone in the market.

In terms of fruit anatomy, the zest is obtained from the flavedo (exocarp) which is also referred to as zest.[1] The flavedo and white pith (albedo) of a citrus fruit together makes up its peel. The amounts of both flavedo and pith are variable among citrus fruits, and may be adjusted by the manner in which they are prepared. Citrus peel may be used fresh, dried, candied, or pickled in salt.

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